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Prior to the Great War of 1914 there was a Bowling Green Situated at Castle Gardens, Newarke Street, Leicester which was owned and managed by the Leicester City Council​.

Albert Sparkenhoe YATES, a Hosiery Manufacturer of "Sherwoods" on Princess Road, Leicester, George Harry EYRE, a Painter of 31 Upperton Road, Leicester and George Alexander WINRAM, a Hay and Corn Merchant of 11 Sykefield Avenue, Leicester were regular users of the Castle Gardens Green and in 1915 they approached "Westcotes Estates Ltd" of Friar Lane, Leicester with a view to starting their own club.


In 1915 an agreement was reached to rent the land on the current site of the club which at that time included the land to the west side of the facilities where the bungalows now stand.

Work was completed on the Green in 1916 and the "Westcotes Bowling and Tennis Club" was formed.

In 1918 work was completed on the two Story Wooden Clubhouse that was situated where the bungalows now stand.


With membership increasing, on the 29th September 1924 the land was purchased from "Westcotes Estates Ltd" at a cost of £2,300 and the Club was now owned by its members.

By 1984 the Old clubhouse was becoming uneconomic to repair so 3 members E.H.COLLINSON, R.E.COUSINS and R.GOODACRE set up a sub committee to look at the feasibility of building a new Clubhouse and submitted their findings.

As a result the land on which the Old Clubhouse stood was sold for £45,000 to J.H.Hallam Ltd (Builders) and access to the club moved from Upperton Rise to Sykefield Avenue.

With the land sale money, club assets, donations and small loans from the EBA and Brewery the current clubhouse was built at a cost of £58,896.24

On the 29th April 1988 the New Clubhouse was officially opened by the Clubs President Ken Toon and his wife Georgena.

Ken was again elected president for the Clubs Centenary Celebrations in 2016.

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