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Westcotes Bowling Club

Club Rules

(as amended December 2019)

​1 - Title

The Club shall be called "The Westcotes Bowling Club" and is owned by its members.

2 - Rules of Play

All games of bowls shall be played under the laws of the game as adapted from time to time by "Bowls England" excepting such competitions as played under the laws of "Bowls Leicestershire"

Any member requiring a rink for competitive play i.e National competitions, County competitions or Club competitions shall be given preference in that order.

3 - Management

The club shall be managed by a General Management Committee consisting of the following seven officers:-


Vice President,

Honorary Secretary,

Honorary Treasurer,

Match/Fixtures Secretary,

Bar Manager


Promotions and Development Officer.

In the event a member holds two posts the numbers will be made up by General Committee personnel who along with others shall be elected/re-elected from the membership at the AGM.

The General committee will meet monthly.

Five members of the General Management Committee will form a Quorum.

In the event that matters arise of great significance the General Committee can:-

a) call upon the trustees for involvement in the decision making process.

b) refer the matter to a members ballot.

c) Call an SGM.

4 - Membership and Subscriptions.

Types of Membership:-

a) Full membership (For playing members and comes with voting and ground fund entitlements as per item 10)

b) Non Playing membership (For retired members of the club wishing to retain voting and ground fund entitlements)

c) Honorary Membership (For retiring members not wishing to retain voting and ground fund entitlements)

d) Playing Life Member (Elected life members will be charged a reduced subscription and comes with voting and ground fund entitlements)

e) Non Playing Life Member (Retired life members can choose to pay the subscription of a non playing member and retain voting and ground fund entitlements or chose not to pay any subscription and have the entitlements of an Honorary Member)

f) Beginner First year membership ( Comes with voting entitlement but no ground fund entitlement)

g) Beginner Second year membership (The committee have the discretion to implement a second year beginners membership fee if the new bowler fits the criteria. i.e. not able to step up to club matches due to ability and/or availability. Comes with voting and ground fund entitlements)

h) Experienced First Year Membership (Comes with Voting and ground fund entitlements)

i) Social membership. (Has no voting or ground fund entitlements)

Subscriptions are due each year from the day following the Annual General Meeting with the subscription fees being set at that meeting. 

The said fee is to be paid no later than the 30th April each year.

Subscription Fees are:-

Male full membership - £100 

Female full membership - £75

Non playing membership - £30

Honorary membership - Free

Playing Life member - £30

First year membership - An experienced bowler will pay 3100 if they join before the 1st June and £50 after this date. A new bowler will pay £10 in their first year no matter what time of year they join.

Beginner second year membership - £30 at the discretion of the committee.

Social membership - At the discretion of the social committee.

Upon application the general management committee have the power to reduce a members membership fees for a year if the reasons for the application are approved.

The Management Committee shall have the power to elect Honorary Life Members.

Payment of any subscription fee shall imply acquiescence in the Rules of the Club.

5 - New Members

Applications to join the club may be made at any time during the year.

Every applicant must complete a signed application form to be given to the secretary who shall submit the same for consideration of the general management committee.

The general management committee if satisfied shall post the application on the club notice board for a minimum of seven days and if no objection is lodged by any member with the secretary in that time the applicant shall be considered duly elected.

If an objection is received the application shall be referred back to the management committee for reconsideration, and the same shall be voted upon by the committee by ballot.

The applicant shall be admitted or excluded on a simple majority.

6 - Trustees

The club shall have 3 trustees selected from the membership who will oversee the running of the club by the general management committee and attend general committee meetings should they wish to.

A trustee will not be allowed to hold any of the seven general committee posts and if dissatisfied with decisions made by the general management committee they are empowered to call an SGM if resolutions cant be met after their intervention.

The trustees of the club will be displayed on the notice board and they shall remain in office until death or resignation unless a general meeting of members of the club shall think proper to remove any of them.

Any vacancy in the office of trustee caused by death or resignation shall be filled by the management committee finding a replacement.

Any member invited to become a trustee of the club shall not lose any privileges afforded to full members of the club.

The ground, buildings, furniture, fittings and all other property of the club shall be vested in the trustees, for the benefit of the members, and they shall be empowered to sign any mortgage, and in their names all securities shall be taken and purchases and investments made, and the disposal of any property carried out.

The subject matter of their trust shall nevertheless be subject to the disposition of the general management committee, the orders in writing of whom, assembled as a committee, and signed by the chairman thereof, and attested by the secretary shall be obligatory upon, and a justification to the trustees as to any such mortgage, purchase, investment or disposal.

Any deficit which may arise after realisation of such ground, buildings, furniture and other property, shall be made good pari passu by those persons who are full members of the club on the first day of January next proceeding, from whom their proportion of such deficit may be recovered in the name of the president, or the committee or secretary for the time being.

7 - Deficiency of Funds

The freehold land and premises of the club, being the property of the full members, each full member shall upon election become jointly responsible to the club or to the members for the time being parties to any existing or future mortgage, charge or other legal instruments or in respect of any legal obligation, undertaking, covenant, expense or liability in relation thereto and shall jointly with other full members indemnify the club or such members acting as agents for the club in respect of any such legal document against any loss or liability whatsoever.

This rule is to be binding upon each full member for six calendar months from the date of his retirement, resignation or ceasing to be a member.

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