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Club Competitions

*** These Records are continually being updated *** 

*** If you hold any information to help fill in the blanks please let me know ***


Geoff Gaunt

The Club runs several internal competitions Annually and to view the History of each please press on the Tab below.

Including the Mixed Pairs the Men have 8 different Competitions and the Ladies 5.

From 2017 all Competitions became  non longer Gender related with the records maintained on the men's competitions since then

As the Club finishes it's 106th Season 282 different individuals have won 1 or more of the competitions.


K.Toon and E.V.Glover have won the most Club competitions with 21 each.

G.B.Tomlinson has 17, I.Pepper 14, K.Robinson and D.E.Pearson 12, J.T.Brewin, F.Randall and A.Brown 11, and R.Lawrence 10.

E.V.Glover, R.Lawrence, I.Pepper and R.Mewies have won 6 of the 8 competitions with

J.T.Brewin, F.Randell, P.Manship, R.Bradshaw, A.Brown and G.B.Tomlinson 5.

In 2022 J.Edwards became the first player to win all 4 singles competition in the same year.

F.H.Loweth 1960, G.B.Tomlinson 1970, W.Warner 2003, R.Lawence 2005 and 2009, E.V.Glover 2011, R.Mewies 2013 and I.Pepper 2014

have Won 3 Club Competitions in the same Year.

The longest winning Streak is 6 consecutive years by A.Brown between 2001 and 2006


Mrs G.Wills has won the most competitions with 15,

Mrs M.C.Finch has 12 Victories, Mrs P.Howard 9 and Mrs G.Toon 8.

Mrs G.Wills, Mrs P.Howard and Mrs M.C.Finch have won 4 of the 5 Competitions.

Mrs G.Tomlinson, Mrs M.Joyce, Mrs G.Toon, Mrs B.Goodacre, Mrs R.Dallman and Mrs E.Coller 3 of the 5.

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